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Mission and Objective

Banking Quest mission is to spread awareness about the basic banking guidelines among the public, in general and the youngsters joining the banking industry, in particular. Banking industry is fast changing and also passing through turbulent phase of rising NPAs and the financial frauds. The present situation has endangered the career of the young bankers and also the deposits of the general public.

Banking Quest aims to support the present and the aspiring bankers by updating their knowledge through the platform of this website, online coaching and by conducting the off-site workshops. During the process of these workshops, our experts pick-up the deserving participants for better opportunities in our channel partner banks and companies.

For aspiring bankers, we have also ventured into providing coaching for Banks' Probationary Officers, Clerical and also SSC's entrance examinations. The methodology of teaching is physical classrooms, online test papers and webinars. We adopt the latest technological tools to keep to keeps the students involved and engaged.

We achieve our stated mission by providing the following services:-

    • Daily banking news updates and quarterly newsletter
    • Tutorials on different areas of banking
    • Blogs on latest financial developments with critical assessment on the issues
    • Providing online coaching on banking and finance
    • Organizing structured banking related workshops and trainings on Pan India basis
    • Providing growth opportunities to the promising participants
    • Internship program providing relevant skills for career in banking and finance
    • Online test papers for entrance examinations on laptop and through mobile app
    • State of the art physical classrooms