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Why Join our Banking Quest Internship

The Banking Quest internship program provides interns with skill relevant for careers in public sector and private banks, Small Finance Banks, Payments Banks, NBFCs, Micro Finance Companies.

The training program is intensive and includes career & education mentorship. By including case studies drawn from various banks around the world, the training provides a broader exposure in the field of banking.

On the one hand, there are various enlightened organisations which provide good quality internship to interns. On the other hand, most traditional internship do not provide significant value to interns leading to opportunities lost by high calibre interns.

Banking Quest offers a hybrid trainee-cum-internship program. The need of this program has arisen because interns are unable to acquire the desired benefits from traditional programs. This is due to a range of weaknesses in regular internship programs at most organisations, such as:-

  • Often regular internship programs do not provide adequate training in specific skills
  • Interns are assigned to junior staff who themselves have limited skills
  • Interns are unable to obtain high quality mentorship from a senior professional

Banking Quest’s programs overcome these pain-points by offering a hybrid program in which the trainee receives the following:-

  • Learn specific skill of relevance for primary banking, retail financing, MSME Financing, Corporate financing, foreign exchange & NPA Management
  • Training and mentorship is provided by highly qualified and senior professionals
  • The elements covered in the training are provided to the trainee-interns in advance

Benefits for Interns

  • Interns will benefit by learning the techniques of various areas of banking
  • Interns will receive a training certificate showing the course they attend upon satisfactory completion of the internship
  • Mentorship is vital intangible benefit of the internship. It can help them choose the next step in their career path. It can help them define short-term and long-term career mile-stones. It helps prepare for the interviews and analyse case studies of field level problems and come up with solutions. It can help identify the areas of improvement and help them on a path towards leadership and superior contribution to the society.